Company Secretaries Act

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1Company Secretaries Act, 1980 [As amended by The Company Secretaries (Amendment) Act, 2006]
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1Company Secretaries (Amendment) Act, 2011
2Company Secretaries Act, 1980 [As amended by The Company Secretaries (Amendment) Act, 2006]
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1201206 Feb 12GSR 68(E)Amendments in the notification of the Government of India Ministry of Corporate Affairs, published in the Gazette of India vide G.S.R. 490(E) dated the 13th July 2007
2201230 Jan 12S.O 192(E)The Company Secretaries (Amendment) Act, 2011 (No. 4 of 2012) the Central Government hereby appoints the 1st day of February, 2012 as the date on which the provision of the said Act shall come into force.
3201117 Jun 11GSR 477(E)Amendments in the Appellate Authority(Allowances payable to,and other terms and conditions of service of Chairperson and Members and manner of meeting expenditure of the Authority)Rules,2006
4201115 Mar 11SO 567(E)Amendments in notification of the Government of India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, number S.O. 789(E), dated 20th March, 2009
5201125 Feb 11GSR 111(E)Amendment to the Company Secretaries (Election to the Council ) Rules, 2006
6200920 Mar 09S.O. 789(E)Appointment of Appellate Authority by central Government in accordance with the power conferred under section 22A The Chartered Accountants Act, 1949,Cost and Works Accountants Act, 1959 and The Company Secretaries Act, 1980
7200824 Jul 08G.S.R 552(E)Company Secretaries Act,1980
8200713 Jul 07GSR 490(E)(Company Secretaries Act,1980) the company Secretaries Procedures of Meetings of Quality Review Board and Terms and conditions of service and Allowances of the Chairpersons and Members of the Board rules 2006
9200722 Mar 07GSR 224(E) - 227(E)Amendment in Notifications GSR 734(E) dated 27.11.2006, GSR 708(E) dated 17.11.2006, GSR 710(E) dated 17.11.2006 and GSR 709(E) dated 17.11.2006,
10200728 Feb 07GSR 111(E)Framing of Rules under Section 38(A), sub section 2, clause c and d of the Company Secretaries Act 1980
11200617 Nov 06S.O.1983(E)Company Secretaries Act,1980
12200617 Nov 06G.S.R. 709(E)Company Secretaries Act,1980
13200617 Nov 06G.S.R. 736(E)Company Secretaries Act,1980
14200605 Sep 06S.O. 1440(E)Company Secretaries Act(Amendment),2006
15200605 Sep 06G.S.R 533(E)Company Secretaries (Election to Council) Rules 2006
16200618 Aug 06GSR 489(E)Company Secretaries Act,1980
17200608 Aug 06S.O. 1277(E)Company Secretaries Act,2006
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1201104 Apr 11General Circular 10/2011Interpretation of the word “Partnership” for the purpose of Chartered Accountants Act, 1949, Cost and Works Accountants Act, 1959 and Company Secretaries Act, 1980.
2201013 Dec 10General CircularMembers of professional institutes arrested by law enforcement agencies for criminal offences - Deirections of Central Government - issue of.

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